KLASH! Art in action – Anne Imhof – Faust

She hires a zombie army

Web serie 

Direction : François Combin
Artistic directors : Frank Perrin, Gilles Coudert, François Combin
Production : APRES Production, URUBU Films, Manifeste ! & ARTE FRANCE
Avec le soutien du CNC & CNAP
Format : 20 x 3 minutes
Broadcast : ARTE FRANCE
Topics : Art and culture, performance, history and society

Broadcast on arte.tv from October 10th 2022, here !


For the 2017 Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice, the German artist Anne Imhof took over the German pavilion with FAUST, a “punchy” opera. With this act, she denounces the structures of power and surveillance in an underlying tension.

KLASH! ART IN ACTION is a collection of short 3-minute films that offer a new perspective on contemporary art, far from the galleries and museums. The series is an encyclopaedia of decisive, unusual, radical, even impertinent but always exemplary artistic acts. It thus reveals another history of clandestine art seen from the side of the action and under the sign of the radical irruption.