Chen Zhen

Gallery Perrotin

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Artist : Chen Zhen
Director : François Combin
Journaliste : Ingrid Pux
Location : Galerie Perrotin
Production : Urubu Films

Chen Zhen (1955, Shanghai, China – 2000, Paris, France) is considered one of the leading representatives of the Chinese avant-garde and an international icon of contemporary art.

The exhibition, which will occupy all the spaces of the Galerie Perrotin, Paris, offers a re-reading of Chen Zhen’s work, bringing together some thirty iconic works created since 1980, including several major installations including “Le Bureau de change” (1996-2004) designed by Chen Zhen in 1996 and created after his death. The artist’s immensely complex universe is nourished by 30 years of personal experience and radically different environments after having lived through the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Economic Reform and 15 years in the West.

Chen Zhen’s work offers multiple interpretations, presenting a dreamlike and sometimes disturbing vision of the world, turned towards an enrichment of the inner life.