Cycling for Democracy

Cidades Sustentáveis (Brazil)


Director(s) : David Liver & François Combin
Presented by : Nicolas Bourion
Production : Council of Europe, Eurométropole de Strasbourg & URUBU Films
Initiatives : Let’s Do It World (Estonia), Natural Justice (Kenya), Retake Roma (Italy), Cidades Sustentáveis (Brazil), Wise Greece (Greece), Green Hope Foundation (Canada), EcoPeace (Israel), Equipo Europa (Spain), Seangle (Indonesia), Municipality of Ii (Finland), Extinction Rebellion (Germany), CADR 67 (France)
Format : 13 x 6 minutes

In 13 episodes of 6 minutes each, the series Cycling for Democracy is travelling around the world to discover local civic initiatives, all dealing with environmental issues. Can democracy save the environment?

While exploring different areas of São Paulo, Jorge presents to us the civil organization Cidades Sustentáveis devoted to making the ecological transition sustainable for the Brazilian cities. We will see how developing custom made tools can help municipalities reduce inequalities for the improvement of life conditions of their citizens.