Jesper Just

Gallery Perrotin

Production : Urubu Films
Director : François Combin
Artist : Jesper Just
Location : Galerie Perrotin

Jesper Just takes inspiration from the aesthetic of great film directors such as Dreyer and Bergman, Melville and Kazan.
In his enigmatic films, devoid of dialogue, mastery of cinematic strategy is placed in the service of a narrative based on the panoply of human emotions, amplified by the masterly use of music. The films of this exhibition attest that Jesper Just continues and expands his ongoing examination of stereotypical representations of gender and race, architectural pastiche, cultural appropriation, and dislocation.The exhibition includes Just’s latest film, “Llano” (2012), which is being shown in France for the first time. It is set in the ghost town of Llano del Rio, founded in 1913 by the socialist Job Harriman. The failure of irrigation and water supply finally caused the project, and the town, to be abandoned, nearly a century ago.

We observe this desert and the vestiges of this utopian city in the sheeting rain.