Les p’tits croquis

Episode 32 – L’éléphant

Presenter : Gia-Haï Phan
Director : Gregory Schepard & François Combin
Director of Contents : Aurélia Bismuth
Director’s assistant : Julian Fenard & Alexis Bamme
DOP : Frédéric Vallet
Sound Engineer : Vincent Ribaud
Montage : Anna Recalde Miranda & Floriane Hours, Julian Blam

Learn to draw in 3 minutes? It’s possible with Les P’tits Croquis! An elephant is very simple! Be careful, don’t be mistaken because an elephant is very wrong!

In 60 episodes, fun and educational, you will be able to bite a plane, a fireman, a mansion haunted, a footballer, a sunset, a lion, the Eiffel Tower, shells, a fairy… Our master draftsman Gia-Haï Phan will make you discover the bases of a successful drawing: proportions, perspectives, values, contrasts, volumes, blurring, everything goes through.

You can never say you can’t draw again!