Royal Monceau


Client : Raffles
Agency : La Société Anonyme
Director : Jérôme Gluzicki
Producers : François Combin, Pierre-Arthur Goulet
Production : Urubu Films

The Royal Monceau is a project that makes a dream come true: that of creating a different place, nourished by its history, its vibrations and of Paris, a sentimental space woven with encounters, sensations and emotions, inhabited by the French spirit, crossed by culture, and dedicated to true elegance, that of the heart. Everything was born from the desire to revisit the classic codes of the hotel industry with the customs, to avoid the obligatory passages, to welcome the gap, and, while cherishing rigor and perfection, to display a tenderness for panache and impertinence, fantasy and excess…

After two years of works the establishment fully designed by Philippe Starck opens his gates !