Voice Over

N°2 : “BAD AI”


Author : David Liver
Contributors : Kenneth Goldsmith, Florent Delval, Os Keyes, Michael Kaethler, Mai Elshehaly, Laurent Bochet, François Combin
Production : URUBU Films
Broadcasting : Conseil de l’Europe / KANAL Centre Pompidou / Musée des Périphéries (Rome) / Biennale de Venise
Themes : arts and culture, history and society

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Voice Over is an online magazine created by artist David Liver for the Council of Europe. Internationally known and provocative thinkers are invited to confront some of the hot issues dealt with by the European institutions such as conflict, interculturality, discrimination linked to artificial intelligence, emigration, postcolonial politics and gender and sexuality. The magazine aims to develop criticism, exercise a form of resistance and experiment with alternative discourses.