Data Space

Teaser – Alice Anderson

Production : Urubu Films
Director : François Combin
Location : Espace culturel Louis Vuitton
Artist : Alice Anderson

The common thread explores the thread as the main support in the practice of contemporary artists. Unlike pencil and paint, wire is not linked to an intrinsic purpose.

Its materiality encourages infinite artistic expressions and experimentations. Instead of a brush, the thread used in contemporary art is embroidered or glued on the image support, and combined with the painting. It is also used to sew fragments of canvas. By stretching it at different scales and in different configurations, it makes it possible to form sculptures, draw lines in space, reproduce architectural principles or give the impression of suspending the laws of physics.

Most of the artists on display do not work exclusively with yarn but use it as an easy-to-use medium with a wide range of applications….