Giselle / Rosière


Production : Urubu Films
Images : François Combin
Danse: Satchie Noro
Musique : Fred Costa
Lumière et régie générale : Thierry Arlot

“Giselle/Rosière” is a short choreographic poem, the sketch of a kingdom that responds to the mad desire to escape. Crossed by extreme states that overlap, sacrifice, vertigo, abandonment, she is the interpreter who obeys the most unpredictable signals of her memory.

Satchie Noro is a dancer and choreographer. At 16, she joined the corps ballet of the Berlin Opera, then very quickly took more adventurous routes, rubbing shoulders with contemporary dance, circus apparatus and performances outside the walls. As a dancer and circus artist, she collaborates with directors Carlotta Sagna, Adrien Mondot, James Thierrée, Michel Schweizer.

She creates performances, thoughts and built in situ for atypical and non-theatrical places that are like dance installations. Dance is sketched, improvised or written but is created from this relationship to the environment. The place becoming a space of metamorphosis, transformation, dream.