Director : François Combin
Production : Urubu Films
Artist : Seen

Seen, Richard Mirando by his real name, was born in 1961 in the Bronx where he grew up. Captivated by the painted subway trains running along Line 6 or parked in the Lexington Avenue depot, he made his first “piece” there. He chose the nickname “Seen”. He even painted whole cars that marked the spirit of New Yorkers. Nicknamed the Godfather of Graffiti, Seen in 1981, took part alongside Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Basquiat in the “New York, New Wave” exhibition at PS1 in New York. Seen continues to exhibit alone or in groups with artists such as Banksy, Obey Giant.

During the exhibition Ecritures Silencieuses at the Espace culturel Louis Vuitton, Seen gives a live performance.