Joana Preiss & Francois Morellet

Galerie Kamel Mennour

Production : Urubu Films
Performance : Joana Preiss
Artwork : François Morellet“Pier and Ocean”
Musique : Lou Rambert-Preiss
Director : François Combin
Gallery : Kamel Mennour 

A performer singer, Joana Preiss first confronted her voice with lyrical singing and contemporary music, guided in her vocal research and experimentation by the works of composers such as John Cage and Morton Feldman, and influenced by ethnic and tribal songs, as well as by the supremacy of silence and improvisation.

In a setting imagined by Kamel Mennour, our presence within François Morellet’s work (in collaboration with Tadashi Kawamata) entitled “Pier and Ocean” leads us to the centre of a subtle shipwreck belonging to the world of ghosts, through the sensations of the real and mystical world, revealing darkness chopped by oblique, vertical and horizontal light, such as our compositions in real time and intimate which unfold and wander in the resonance of the place.