Le Fil Rouge

Teaser – Espace culturel Louis Vuitton

Production : Urubu Films
Director : Flavien Regnault
Music : Katoy
Location : Espace culturel Louis Vuitton
Artists : Isa Melsheimer, Hans Op de Beeck, Fred Sandback, Chiharu Shiota
Curator : Michiko Kono

Le fil rouge explores thread as the prime medium in the practice of contemporary artists.

Unlike pencil and paint, thread is not linked to an intrinsic finality, and its materiality encourages infinite artistic expressions and explorations. Replacing the brush, thread in contemporary art is embroidered or glued onto the image carrier, and combined with paint. Canvas fragments are sewn together using thread. By stretching lengths of yarn at different scales and in varied configurations, it is employed to form sculptures, trace lines in space, reproduce architectural principles or seemingly suspend the laws of physics.

Many of the exhibiting artists do not work exclusively with thread, but revert to it as a medium that offers a broad spectrum of applications and is easy to handle.