Episode 7 : L’Astronaute

Presenter : Gia-Haï Phan
Director : Gregory Schepard & François Combin
Director of Contents : Aurélia Bismuth
Director’s assistant : Julian Fenard & Alexis Bamme
DOP : Frédéric Vallet
Sound Engineer : Vincent Ribaud
Montage : Anna Recalde Miranda & Floriane Hours, Julian Blam

Learn to draw in three minutes? It’s possible with Les P’tits Croquis! Are you ready for a space trip? Get your pencils out! We’re boarding for an astronaut’s Les P’tits Croquis !

In 60 episodes, fun and educational, you will be able to bite a plane, a fireman, a mansion haunted, a footballer, a sunset, a lion, the Eiffel Tower, shells, a fairy… Our master draftsman Gia-Haï Phan will make you discover the bases of a successful drawing: proportions, perspectives, values, contrasts, volumes, blurring, everything goes through.

You can never say you can’t draw again!