Musée d’Art à (re)voir

Musée Guimet

Director : François Combin
Creative directors : François Combin, Gregory Schepard, Frédéric Vallet
Camera operators : Gregory Schepard, François Combin, Aurore Gorlier
Editing : François Combin, Daniela Ramalho, Laury Camie
Teaser editing : Marie Merchadou
Color grading : François Combin
With the participation of : Daniela Ramalho
Narrative voice : Gaëlle Olsen
Additional voice : Marc-Antoine Frédéric
Sound engineer : Baptiste Chauchat
Sound design : Gregory Schepard
Credits design : Laury Camie
Equipment rental : Urubu Films, Loca-images, Visual Impact France
Executive producers Urubu Films : François Combin, Grégory Schepard, François Leroux
Production : Urubu Films
Museum Tv producer : Charles Lavilanie

The Serie :
Paris, city of art, city of treasure. Alongside major world-famous museums such as the Le Louvre, Le Centre Pompidou and Le Musée d’Orsay, the city of light is full of treasures unknown by the general public. Some of these jewels have already lived their hours of glory in past centuries, others have just been created. All of them are bursting with creativity and contain many of the capital’s artistic wonders. Many of these places are to be discovered or rediscovered. The serie “Musée d’art à (re)voir” proposes to open the doors of these magnificent places to spectators.

Musée Guimet :
From the first Buddhas found in Afghanistan to the mysterious treasures of Angkor, from the most beautiful Japanese prints to the refined arts of Chinese ceramics, the National Museum of Asian Art – Guimet offers so many possibilities for meditative, aesthetic or exploratory journeys at the heart of Asian history. Faithful to the wishes of its founder Emile Guimet, the museum now houses the largest collection of Asian art in Europe.