Satchie Noro

Production :  Urubu Films
Danse : Satchie Noro
Director : François Combin
Music : Fred Costa
Lighting and stage : Thierry Arlot
Construction and Hooks : Sylvain Olh

Nuage was commissioned by the Musée Réattu and the Théâtre d’Arles from the Compagnie Furinkaï, co-directed as part of the eponymous exhibition.

Written for a dancer and a musician, around the imagination of the cloud, the performance stages the work on the material, one musical related to the breath, the wind, the other to the dance. Accompanied by composer Fred Costa, Satchi Noro, a multifaceted artist, aerial acrobat trained in classical dance, invites us to discover a dance that is in touch with the natural elements.