Gregor Hildebrandt : Artist’s workshop

Documentary series “Artist‘s Workshop” for MUSEUM – 16x13minutes

Director : Gregory Schepard
Production : Urubu Films
Artist : Gregor Hildebrandt
Diffuser : Museum TV

In his artistic practice, Gregor Hildebrandt makes extensive use of pre-recorded cassettes as a material in his works and installations. The strips are applied directly to canvases and photographic prints. In his paintings, he glues the coated side of the cassettes onto a canvas, presses it with a brush or roller and tears the strip to create the defined but sporadic lines of his works. He repeats the process before gluing them definitively on the canvas to create what he calls “negative” painting. Gregor Hildebrandt is represented by Wentrup Gallery in Berlin, Grimm Gallery in Amsterdam, Almine Rech Gallery in Paris, Brussels and London and Emmanuel Perrotin in New York.

Behind every work of art lies a story of inspiration, techniques, doubts and mistakes… The Artist’s Workshop series shows the hidden side of this creative work. Each episode invites you to the workshop of a contemporary creator. Emerging or experienced artists, they testify to their way of working, on the spot, in front of a blank canvas or a work that is ending.

What if the artists’ studios were already works of art? The Artist’s workshop program reveals part of their approach, their life and their working methods that we discover by spending a few hours with the artists. It is a rather spontaneous meeting around a work in progress. Tania Mouraud, Elias Crespin, Gregor Hildebrandt, Johan Creten, Lionel Estève, Myriam Mechita, Jean-Michel Othoniel and others have already received us.