Genre : Documentary
Director : François Combin
Artist : Xavier Veilhan
Music : Nicolas Godin (AIR)
Production : Urubu Films
Diffuser : Museum TV
DVD : Entretien avec l’architecte Claude Parent

What is the ultimate place in which I would like to show my work? »

Echoing his exhibition at the Château de Versailles, the artist Xavier Veilhan opens the doors of seven modernist houses from California to Europe. He sets up his contemporary works there for a dialogue with the singular architecture of these places. Architectones by Xavier Veilhan immerses himself in this new adventure and explores the creative process, exhibitions and performances. The artist reappropriates the architecture and reactivates these emblematic houses, thus offering a new and ultra-contemporary vision of modernism. The music for the film is an original creation by Nicolas Godin (Air) whose concert at the Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay church in Nevers is included in this DVD. A booklet reproduces Xavier Veilhan’s interview with the architect Claude Parent recorded for the film.